Metso Minerals

Environmental awareness has been the major driving force in the rapid development of the filtration and dewatering technology. Also increasing energy and personnel costs have made tougher demands on efficiency and automation of processes.


Picture of Conventional Thickeners & Clarifiers
Metso's Conventional thickeners & clarifiers are designed for continuous 24 hour per day operation in chemical, industrial mineral and ore processing industries. Units are supplied in two basic configurations: bridge or centre pier mounted.

Picture of Inclined Plate Settlers
Metso's lamella principle uses several parallel inclined plates to maximise the available area for any available floor area.

Picture of Spiral Dewaterers
Metso's spiral dewaterer consists basically of an open trough with arrangements for collection of the products.

Picture of Vertical Plate Pressure Filter VPA
This development requires reliable automatic operation and simple maintenance from heavy industry. Metso's vertical plate pressure filter VPA has been developed to meet these requirements.