Quadro Engineering

Quadro YtronTM technology of leading edge inline mixers, dispersers and emulsifiers typically configured for single pass operation.  Applications include immiscible phase emulsifying / homogenizing, wet grinding, rapid de-agglomeration and fine solids dispersing.

Featured products
Picture of Ytron Jet Mixer
In-Tank Mixing System for Liquid Blending, Powder Incorporation and Dispersion

Picture of Ytron ShearFX Pump and Mixer
Self-Pumping De-agglomeration and Product Smoothing The Quadro Ytron® ShearFX Pump: Self-Pumping De-agglomeration and Product Smoothing The Quadro Ytron® ShearFX pump extends the strengths of our other deagglomeration and homogenizing products into self-pumping mixer applications. The unique tooling options for the ShearFX pump offer more flexibility and value than a traditional high shear pump with a controllable balance between shear energy and pumping efficiency. With a simple tooling change you can tailor your product smoothing process from high pumping capacity to high shear energy.

Picture of Ytron XC Powder Dispersion Unit
The XC Disperser's dual-stage reactor generates a near-perfect vacuum that ensures the intensive wetting of powders while delivering high discharge capacity, to enable concentrations up to 40% by weight to be produced in a single-pass.

Picture of YTron ZC Disperser
In-Line Disperser * High shear in-line powder dispersion * Very difficult-to-wet powders in a single pass * Completely lump free homogeneous product