Tech Article - Fouling in Heat Exchangers
1/18/2012 12:27:57 PM

Understanding Fouling in Compact, High Efficiency Heat Exchangers

This perhaps long-overdue article treats the subject of fouling, specifically in compact, high efficiency heat exchangers used in the chemical process industry. The overall worldwide and national costs to the CPI due to fouling, the five recognized mechanisms of fouling, the physical parameters that lead to fouling, as well as mitigation and monitoring of fouling are all discussed. The author combines his own 40 years of practical experience with heat exchangers in the chemical industry with well-documented findings of some of the top experts in heat exchanger fouling known today in an attempt to generate an easy-to-read treatise and set of guidelines for every engineer involved with heat exchangers. At the heart of the paper is the author’s feeling that the industry should plan more to avoid the fouling of heat exchangers instead of having to react.

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