Picture of Mink Pressure or Vacuum Pumps

Mink Pressure or Vacuum Pumps

The Busch Mink is a dry-running, non-contacting, rotary claw, positive displacement, dry pump designed for either pressure or vacuum applications.

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The Busch Mink is available as a single-stage or two-stage vacuum pump or single-stage pressure pump Vacuum or pressure is produced by two non-contacting rotors in an oil-free pumping chamber. The dry, non-contacting design makes the Mink ideal for pneumatic conveying, printing, soil remediation, and any application where dust particles may be present. Wearing parts are separated from the pumping chamber which leads to a longer pump life with low maintenance.


  • Non-contacting design for low maintenance
  • Dry (oil-free) pumping chamber
  • Air-cooled
  • Simple, modular construction
  • Suitable for variable speed applications
  • Discharge silencers on vacuum models
  • Inlet silencers on pressure models

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