Picture of Seco Dry Vane Vacuum Pumps

Seco Dry Vane Vacuum Pumps

The Busch Seco vacuum pumps are oil-free pumps which require no routine maintenance due to sealed-for-life bearings and self-lubricating carbon composite vanes.

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The vanes are self-adjusting for constant high operating efficiency and a longer service life than other designs available today. The Busch Seco pumps have a pumping speed range to 88 CFM and vacuum range to 27” Hg, and are ideal for such applications as material handling, sampling, hold-down, testing, packaging, molding, medical, laboratory, and the printing industry.


  • Easy to install
  • 100% oil-free air
  • Quiet operation
  • Extra long-life composite vanes
  • Low maintenance
  • Discharge muffler

Seco Operating Principle:

Rotation of the pump rotor traps entering vapor between rotor vane segments. As rotation continues, vapor is compressed and discharged to atmosphere.

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